Waking Up: A Life After Alcohol

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The course is currently under construction. When released it will cost £499 (approx. 100 bottles of wine). If you would like to wait until the release date, choose PATIENCE in the form below and I will send you an email when the course is ready.

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I will knock 25% off the price if you pay for your course now and I will email you when it's released. I anticipate finishing the course by the end of April. If you want to take this option choose ‘EARLY ADOPTER' and I will send you further instructions.

The Rockface

My final offer is or you to help me build the course. I will release videos upon completion and seek feedback. For helping me, you will receive a 50% discount. If you want to join me at the rockface, then choose ‘ROCKFACE' in the form below and I will send you further details.

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If £499 is outside your price range for whatever reason, choose FORGET IT, and I will remove you from this email list. But you will continue to receive information from me regarding future blog posts, podcast episodes, etc.

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